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Non-Enrolled Children

For returning students, children who are also tied to the household of the student registering display. If there is information that is missing, the name is highlighted. To make changes and complete the missing fields, click the Edit button. To add a new household member, click the Add New Household Member button.

On an annual update application, if any existing children in the household should be registered for the upcoming school year, Please check this box if you wish to register this student for the upcoming year checkbox. A pop-up message displays describing your action. Click OK to continue or Cancel to not do this. That student's name will be moved from the Other Household list of members to the Student list.


  1. Enter the following information for the new student:
    • First Name
    • Middle Name
    • Last Name
    • Birth Date
    • Gender
  2. Click the Save/Continue button.

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